Cherri SendersCherri Senders, Publisher

Cherri Senders has been communicating about and for labor unions for more than 20 years and finally decided what the Labor Movement needed was an accurate and up-to-date union shopping guide – chock full of union-made products and services. And so Labor 411 was born. Now, she is very excited about Labor 411’s national expansion. Her company, Senders Communications Group, works with dozens of labor unions in Los Angeles and around California, producing newsletters, web sites, enews and social media – helping working families get a leg up in this economy. A journalist for more than a dozen years, Cherri honed her skills writing about social issues for local and national publications ranging from Omni, Working Woman and California Magazine to the LA Times and the LA Weekly. She has a BA from the University of Maryland.

Robert FultonRobert Fulton, Executive Editor

Robert Fulton brings nearly two decades of writing and editing experience to the table in shaping Labor 411’s print and online directories. Working with the publisher, he is responsible for focusing the project’s overall direction, from editorial concepts to marketing strategies. Robert earned a Master’s degree in writing from Johns Hopkins and a BA from the University of California, San Diego. A native of California, Robert, his wife and sixth-month-old son live in a 103-year-old house in Echo Park, just minutes from Dodger Stadium.


Michael MessinaMichael Messina, Lead Writer

Michael hails from his hometown of Sacramento, CA and adds a journalistic perspective to the LA Labor 411 team. He continues to update the 411 guide and will be a regular contributor to our blog. Michael graduated from UCLA with a degree in English and has served as News Editor for the American River College newspaper The Current. His stint as a fact checker for Sactown magazine honed his already tenacious attention to detail and will help make the union-made guide the most comprehensive source out there. 

Sahid FawazSahid Fawaz, Social Media Director

Sahid Fawaz is a social media and communications expert with over a decade of digital me­dia experience in the labor movement. He brings a wealth of knowledge and insight on build­ing online communities and tailoring messages specifically for social media and the web. He previously served as Communications Director for the American Federa­tion of Musicians International. Sahid has a BA from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Busi­ness, and a JD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Kelly RossKelly Ross, Blogger and Researcher

Kelly Ross, a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a degree in Political Science and Journalism joined the Labor 411 team in 2015. A former opinion writer and Op-Ed editor for her college Newspaper the Lumberjack, Kelly brings with her a passion for the written word. She is a regular contributor to our blog where she works to create fun and compelling content. At any given moment you can find Kelly hard at work writing blogs, researching, assisting in the maintenance of social media sites, and providing administrative support for Labor 411.

Michael TeitelbaumMichael Teitelbaum, Creative Director

Michael Teitelbaum is the creative graphic force behind Labor 411's bold web and print designs. Michael is a seasoned designer having worked in and across multiple industries as a director, designer and developer including: technology, games, entertainment, olympic sports, non-profit, and education. Michael has worked with companies like AEG, Mattel, Stuff of Legends Games, Food Network, NBC Universal Sports, The American Youth Soccer Organization and more. Michael has finally landed at Labor 411, bringing with him his wealth of experience and skill designing our print, branding, multimedia and web design.

Bruce LoriaBruce Loria, Advertising Director

Bruce comes to Labor 411 having worked for 11 years at Weider Publications selling for Shape Magazine and heading up the Men’s titles which included Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness. From there he held positions within PrimeMedia, and the Guest Informant, and most recently Western Sales Manager for GreenMedia at the James G. Elliott Company. A native of Detroit, Mi. Bruce has a degree from Michigan State University and has worked in the fields of radio, newspapers, and magazines.