By Sahid Fawaz

A new study confirms that it pays (very well) to be union.

As Reboot Illinois reports:

"The annual benefit of paying union dues is very high in Illinois, according to a new study.

For every $1 paid in dues and fees, a union member gets back an estimated $6.12 in after-tax income. This financial return on investment is in addition to other personal benefits, such as better health coverage and having a voice at work.

The report, The Application and Impact of Labor Union Dues in Illinois [PDF], was released April 13 by the Illinois Economic Policy Institute (ILEPI) and the Project for Middle Class Renewal at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

While 15 percent of Illinois’ workers are represented by a union, they can voluntarily choose to leave their unionized workplace, opt out of paying certain dues, or vote to decertify their labor organization. Thus, labor unions in Illinois must continually demonstrate how workers benefit from contributing membership dues.

The report analyzed information submitted by labor unions to the federal government. The unions studied represent 744,439 total members in Illinois. The study finds:

- The average union member contributes $663 in annual dues, fees, and other membership payments in Illinois to labor union locals.

- Labor unions in Illinois spend 77 percent of dues on bargaining and representation.'

- Only 2 percent of all dues in Illinois are spent on political activities and lobbying– or $14 annually per member."

For the full story, check out the Reboot Illinois article here.


0 #2 NCGran 2016-04-27 21:10
I am retired from the Bell System (2000) and the CWA, which I belonged to won me many benefits and raises during my time with them. I retired with great benefits, a pension, 401K, all bargained for me and my fellow Union members. Unions today, are weakened by Globalization and the Companies have the upper hand and they know it. Workers are more into the "me" mentality rather than the "we". Until large groups unite in a single voice they will not be heard as individuals by any Corporation out there. I started working when Unions were 25% of the work force; now they are 7% of the work force. Without growing a robust membership their power is limited and no, Unions are not caving, the reality is without the workers uniting the workers are lost to serfdom and the new form of 21st century slavery.
0 #1 Mainadude 2016-04-17 19:32
Well that's funny. those of us up here in Maine got shafted for 4 years with no raise and the company we work for (General Dynamics) taking in record profits and the Union sold us out. Oh uh hum..the Union President sold us out and those of the negotiating committee followed suit.
BIW is the most mis-managed company with some of the Best Shipbuilders in the world..and we are left to dry by our union and beaten by our workplace every day. Maine Union member who dis-agrees..

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