By Ross Lenihan

It’s one thing when bad trade deals result in outsourced jobs. That’s bad enough. But it’s even worse when states compete for jobs by using under-paid labor to lure businesses to relocate. That’s precisely what Florida Governor Rick Scott is trying to do – and proudly – in his current visit to California.

Gov. Scott arrived in Los Angeles this past Sunday, where he planned to spend three days trying to persuade California companies to move to Florida in order to save money on California’s new, $15 minimum wage (which is not scheduled to go into full effect until 2020).

Gov. Scott didn’t shy away from the job-stealing angle, telling reporters, “My goal, one-hundred percent, is to get individuals and companies to move to Florida…there are a lot of opportunities for companies to prosper in Florida and compete here and that’s what I’m going after.”

It’s shameful to play Americans off one another like this. Taking advantage of under-paid labor to take work away from people who earn a living wage is not something to be proud of. Rather, it sounds like a race to the bottom with no winners.

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