When a person buys union they are investing in the American Dream. They are supporting businesses that support American workers and their ability to live a fruitful life.

Purchasing a product from Communist China or another Third World nation with dubious human rights records? Not so much. Think about that the next time you buy something. Ask yourself, “Who am I supporting with this purchase?”

Some people out there may have issues with unions and think that by buying union they’re supporting the wrong cause. They couldn’t be more wrong. We’re not saying that unions are perfect—they’re not—but unionization has been recently demonized in a way that is destructive to our society and the American middle class.

One subject of constant criticism is union rules. Unions as a part of collective bargaining do enforce additional rules on a workplace but the fact is most of these rules are useful.

Let’s look at businesses like Wal-Mart and Home Depot who do not have union rules. If you work at these businesses full time, you have to give these companies complete flexibility. This means that each week your hours change, including the days you work and the times you work... and workers find out their schedule just one week in advance.

If a person works at these incredibly profitable companies they neither earn enough money to be independent nor can they invest consistent time into their own lives. What do we mean by that? Well, since a person’s hours change every day and their days change every week and as a worker they’re only given a week’s advance notice to schedule their life, an employee:

  • Can’t take regular college or technical courses to improve their resume...
  • Can’t commit to consistent life improvement courses like Bible study, yoga, etc...
  • Can’t take on a second job to improve their financial state...
  • Can’t set up a regular child care schedule to reduce stress in their and their child’s lives...

A lack of union rules means an employee of grossly profitably companies like Wal-Mart are not given a chance to build momentum in life outside of the work place. It’s simply not right, especially considering how low the wages are.

Overwhelmingly union rules embrace essential human dignity and safety in the workplace. So when you spend your money at a union business, that’s what you are using your money to vote for:  A better life.

And a better life for one person is a better life for our community. Spend with your values. Buy union.

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