By Ross Lenihan

GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump loves reminding us just how well he gets along with unions. In fact, he thinks he’ll get more union votes than Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton come November. So why, then, would his firm spend half a million dollars to defeat a union drive at his beloved Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas?

According to Labor Department disclosure forms Trump hired a well-known anti-union consulting firm – Cruz & Associates – to defeat a union drive at Trump’s Vegas hotel ahead of a December 2015 union vote. Despite the effort, the union prevailed by a vote of 238 to 209 (the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) upheld the vote upon review).

It’s pretty remarkable that a presidential nominee that tries so hard to align himself with the working class would work so hard to prevent higher wages and benefits at his own hotel. And considering that the Las Vegas strip is already home to heavily unionized hotels and casinos it’s not as if his union workers would be earning more than the norm.

Bravo, Mr. Trump. And cheers to the more than 500 housekeepers, restaurant employees and guest services workers – many of them Latino and Filipino – that are poised to become the newest members of Unite Here Local 226.

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