By Michael Messina

Looking beyond the fact that incoming labor secretary Andrew Puzder made more in one day ($17,192) than one of his Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. employees made in one year ($15,130), the numbers become even more frightening when safety comes into play. The very man who is about to be in charge of protecting workers across the country ran a business (CKE Restaurant Holdings) that saw 98 safety violations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) since the year he took over, and fines to boot.

OSHA classified 36 of the violations as being serious, according to a Huffington Post report, and saw more than $65,000 paid out to settle the cases. That’s not a lot of money for such a large corporation, but to focus on the money would be to miss the point.

This country is about to watch a man take a position meant for a human being who respects other human beings. Puzder has said out loud he would rather see machines take the jobs of certain employees. He’s also made it very clear via his restaurant’s commercials he sees women as sexual objects meant to bring in profit.

The AFL-CIO has put a list together of even more glaring defects in Puzder’s approach to labor, and it’s rather frightening how anti-worker he really is. So where do we go from here? In response to oncoming train wreck, the AFL-CIO has put a petition together entitled “Tell Congress to Oppose Trump's Nominee for Labor Secretary.” If you’re as disgusted as we are, sign it here.

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