By Michael Messina

With Donald Trump’s pick for labor secretary, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s bigwig Andrew Puzder clearly taking the often-typical CEO mindset of ‘paying workers less is good,’ we can brace ourselves for changes to the world of labor that will indeed be jarring if predictions are correct. A recent report by Capital & Main looks at the world of hurt employees under federal contracts would experience if a Puzder agenda goes into effect.

Capital & Main chronicles five executive actions that have benefitted workers over the years via federal contractor requirements for a better workplace which could be “on the chopping block.”

From Capital & Main:

Executive Order 13673: Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces
Makes contractors disclose their past labor law violations

Executive Order 13658 – Establishing a Minimum Wage for Contractors
Creates $10.10/hr minimum wage for federal contractors & subcontractors

Executive Order 13706 – Paid Sick Leave for Workers on Federal Contracts
Requires federal contractors to provide 7 annual paid sick days

Amendment of Executive Order 11246
Adds LGBT employee rights to federal labor contracts

Executive Order 13496 – Notification of Employee Rights Under Federal Labor Laws
Requires contractors to advise employees of their organizing rights

Puzder has made it clear he is no fan of efforts to increase the minimum wage and is generally not a champion for the employees on the job. Will federal contractors soon be able to treat their workers the way Puzder treats the folks who work tirelessly for the bare minimum in his kitchens?

Puzder’s confirmation hearing is coming up soon (unless, as CNN reported, he gets cold feet and withdraws his name from consideration.) We can only hope that his interviewers from the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions hold his feet to the fire.

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