By Sahid Fawaz

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on it's that self-checkout machines are evil.

No one asked for these machines. Instead, greedy corporate executives who want yet another yacht decided to force them on to us.

Here are three reasons why these machines are bad for the customers, workers, and the country as a whole.

1. They kill jobs, resulting in a race to the bottom

Working class Americans have faced a tough struggle the last few decades as jobs have become more scarce. Using self-checkout machines reduces the number of jobs, which increases the supply of workers who are desperate for any job. This puts downward pressure on the wages of existing jobs as the available unemployed labor pool increases.

2. Self-checkout machines don't pay taxes

Each job killed is a reduction in taxes paid by a potential employee. It's also a reduction in taxes paid by the employer. This decrease in taxes paid means less revenue for government and, consequently, less services that it can provide to those in need.

3. Customers hate these machines

Want to anger your customers? Put in a self-checkout machine. It's a guaranteed way to increase checkout times and frustration as customers wait for an employee to help them with the constant computer errors and misunderstandings. 

Sign our petition vowing not to use self-checkout machines during Ethical Consumer Week (ECW), April 10-14.


0 #4 Chris chehade 2017-04-14 23:11
Want to get rid of self checkouts? Get rid of the minimum wage that leads to unproductivity of workers making corporations waste thousands of dollars
0 #3 Northdownwest 2017-03-23 09:28
I work in a union grocery store. These lanes are meant for small orders only. Also only a select few employees are allowed to work this station. This makes that employee more valuable to the department, and gives them an avenue for more hours if they are part time. Out daily customer count is typically 700-900 though the check lanes 200-400 through the u-scans with the item count being drastically different through the check lanes. This doesn't eliminate any checker positions, and is a way to guarantee customer satisfaction for those who are making a quick run for 1 or 2 items. Any amount over 10 items typically causes issues for the customer, and they rarely use them for any order that size or larger after theit experience.
0 #2 lisa 2017-03-09 17:38
amen....I have boycotted self checkout machines since day one because it takes away jobs. And they still have to have a clerk there so people won't steal.
+1 #1 Flo Samuels 2017-03-03 23:40
Wow, customers hate these machines. I'm a customer. I don't hate them. In fact when the regular lines are long, I like them because they get me out faster. Most are made for small item purchases, not a shopping cart full. I've noticed one thing about Labor 411. You are consistent. You consistently make memes with false information and consistently assume you speak for everyone, which you don't. I come from a union family but it also was a family where you were expected to re-invent yourself when the time came, not sit around like the Luddites and try to figure out ways to destroy the new machines.

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