By Michael Messina

It’s true, the building and construction trades, through the lens of Hollywood, often get a pretty bad rap. Mike Rowe (of Dirty Jobs fame) says it’s time, in this video by ATTN:, to reassess and rewrite the notion that jobs in the trades industry are not to be idealized or respected.

In fact, trades workers like plumbers, carpenters, ironworkers, cement masons and myriad others are well paid. Union-trained apprentices often start in the $20/hour range with benefits while journeymen can earn $60/hour. They are also highly skilled and often, according to Fast Company, some of the most personally fulfilled employees in the workforce. And the union factor is key here as well, as these men and women get the best training (which also ensures the highest level of safety), along with the most competitive wages as well as health and dental insurance from the outset.

They also have a great training program called Helmets to Hardhats that helps veterans returning to civilian life get a great job and reincorporate smoothly.

So take it from Mike Rowe, ignore the stigma and go get an awesome job in the trades.

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