By Sahid Fawaz

The largest company in the world is Walmart, with a revenue of almost $500 billion. That is more than the GDP of 168 of the 191 countries of the world. It's more than Norway, Belgium, and Israel. And it's almost the same as Taiwan and Sweden.

So how does a company that successful and productive reward its workers? By giving them tiny bonuses while the executives take in a fortune for themselves.

Employees received bonuses last week averaging $183. Given that the starting pay at the company is a poverty-level $9 an hour, a real bonus is sorely needed by the "associates."

In contrast, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon's pay was $19.8 million.

And the Walton heirs have a net wealth of $149 billion, which is more wealth than that of the bottom 40% of the country.

Sadly, those at the top seem to forget that without the workers, there would be no Walmart. But I guess the executives are too busy hoarding as much money as they can from the company to notice this inconvenient fact.

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