By Kelly Ross
President Donald Trump’s inaugural rule to “buy American and hire American” apparently doesn’t apply to his daughter and adviser, Ivanka Trump.

In fact, even as he was putting forth the mandate during his inauguration speech, more than 59 tons of Ivanka Trump’s product line including bags, shoes and clothes were making their way into American ports from China, according to media reports.  US Customs bills of lading noted at least 82 shipments that passed through customs. The shipments contained about 25 tons of made in-China footwear and more than two tones of ladies polyester blouses.

Trump and his administration have publicly chided companies like Ford and Nabisco for outsourcing manufacturing jobs to countries like China and Mexico. Trump has even gone as far to accuse China of stealing U.S. jobs through unfair trade practices.

The President has also threatened to issue massive trade tariffs to penalize both domestic and foreign companies that choose to manufacture products outside of the United States.

However, President Trump has been distinctly – and hypocritically - silent when it comes to the outsourced manufacturing of his daughter’s product line.

When Nordstrom dropped the product line citing poor sales, the President had a “Trumpertantrum,” lashing out at the retailers while his administration urged people to go out and buy Ivanka Trump’s products. This drastically contrasted the President’s chiding of other manufacturers who make their products abroad and undermining his message to buy American.

By demanding that companies bring jobs back to the United States yet ignoring the fact that his daughter imports her products from overseas, Trump and his administration send messages with mixed ideals -- some would say with ideals that could be characterized as hypocritical and nepotistic.

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