By Evan Henerson

President Trump has dubbed the week of July 17 Made in America Week, shining a spotlight on products that are manufactured domestically, across the 50 states.

Now there are more than a few members of the news media and blogosphere who have detected a certain --- what – irony? hypocrisy? inappropriateness? over the fact that our businessman POTUS and his daughter Ivanka manufacture the Trump wares in places like China, Mexico and Bangladesh. Frankly, if this fruit hung any lower, it would be underground.

Just this once, we’ll let it hang. We see no reason not to get behind any initiative that supports good American products made by American employees. The list of highlighted products – by state – showcases everything from airplanes to tractors, from brooms to fried chicken. Very cool.

But at Labor 411, we never need a designated week, day or month. Every day should be a celebration of locally made products and the American workers who proudly manufacture them. Every year, we publish a series of directories of union-made goods and services for the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC and Philadelphia (with more on the way). The Consumer Products sections of those guidebooks and on our website offer more than 10,001 ways that a smart shopper can help boost the American economy not just during MIA Week but every day.

So even after Made in America Week ends, keep the ethical buying going. We’ll show you how easy and fun it can be.

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