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If you’re the type of person who drinks for the right reasons, you’re looking to have a good time, preferably with friends and/or loved ones. Drinking games can take that experience to new heights of fun and laughs. But if throwing plastic balls into other people’s cups or drinking a mix of everyone’s drink isn’t that fun for you, we have another suggestion.

A lot of the times, when you get past a certain age, playing a board game the usual way just isn’t as entertaining as it did when you were younger. We therefore present to you the most epic of house rules to impose on your board game of choice: alcohol. With measure, alcohol makes things more fun. And if you’re already drinking, reaching for a board game that generally requires a certain level of attention is a good time in the making. So for your next party or pre game get together, don’t go with the usual Flip Cup. Instead, head for your closet, dust off one of your favorite board games from childhood, and start creating fun memories. The games listed below come with the added bonus of being made by ethical employees who treat their workers with respect. We’ve got the booze that you can find in our directory, but this time it’s about the games.


Ah, Monopoly, the game where relationships are severed and everyone turns into the worst version of themselves – thanks capitalism! So how do we fix this? With alcohol, of course. Everyone already has their own house rules when it comes to this game, so adding a shot here and there is easy. Some fun ideas include making the Free Parking space an all-players-do-a-shot space, opting to take a shot instead of paying Luxury and Income Taxes, or pay your rent in as many shots as your landlord wants. Alcohol can enhance anger, but no one can’t say it won’t be fun to watch someone take countless shots as it would be to watch someone pay $1500 in rent for landing on Boardwalk.


This is the way to go if you want to get thrashed fast. Battleship is essentially a guessing game, where you try to pinpoint the coordinates of your opponent’s ship. If you hit your target, your opponent drinks, and if you miss it, then you take the shot. If you’re playing as a team, when you go down, your entire team loses with you and vice versa.


I know what you’re thinking. Why defile such a wholesome and bright game like Candyland with alcohol? Because it’s fun. Candyland consists of different color spaces on the board, so that means every color can stand for a certain amount of shots. Cards with double blocks mean you get to assign two shots to other players, while single blocks apply to the player who drew the card. If you hit a Black Dot, everyone drinks. With this game, there are no safe spots, so someone’s always drinking.


During a game of Clue, waiting around for other players to take their guesses when they enter different rooms can be a bore especially if the game’s going nowhere. Keep players in check by making them take a shot every time they want to make a guess and two consecutive ones if said guess is wrong. If you want to make things more interesting (and ultimately messier), assign different alcohols to the different rooms. It won’t end pretty, but detecting will never have seemed so much fun.


If your main objective is getting hammered over actually winning the game, Operation is the perfect choice. Just take a shot every time you hear the buzz. The alcohol will definitely work against you, blurring your vision and hindering your precision, but that’s what it’s all about. Unless you have great control over your pulse, there’s no way to walk out of this game sober.

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