By Sahid Fawaz

The Chicago Tribune reports:

"The union that represents rank-and-file Chicago police officers has filed a complaint with the Illinois Labor Relations Board alleging the Police Department violated its collective bargaining agreement by implementing changes to its use-of-force policy without union approval.

In its petition, the Fraternal Order of Police said this marks the latest in a pattern by city officials to make changes to Police Department policies on their own without negotiating them through the collective bargaining process. The two sides are in the midst of contract negotiations.

The changes to the use-of-force policy are intended to cut back on questionable shootings and are part of the reform effort for a department upended nearly 20 months ago by the release of video of an officer shooting teenager Laquan McDonald 16 times.

In one key change, the policy holds that an officer can't shoot a fleeing person unless that person presents an imminent threat to police or others. The new policy also calls on officers to use their new de-escalation training to try to defuse incidents.
FOP President Kevin Graham, interviewed Friday for WBBM Newsradio's 'At Issue' program, said the use-of-force policy 'puts our officers at a disadvantage even when they are doing their job properly.'"

Fore the rest of the story, check out the Chicago Tribune piece here.

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