By Evan Henerson

Who doesn’t love a door-busting, fight-inducing, gotta-have-it-now deal?

The better question, as you set your Thanksgiving day plans, is who does love a holiday?

For many of us, Thanksgiving will – thankfully - not be a work day. Which means that, in addition to having a portion of the day to cook, eat, watch football and hang out with our friends and loved ones, many of us could choose to get a drop on our holiday shopping at one of the big name retailers that have set Thanksgiving day hours. And some people enjoy the blood sport of high-stakes, high-impact holiday shopping.

The key word here is “choose.” While we can choose to shop on Thanksgiving, Workers at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and so many others don’t have a choice. If they’re low enough down on the totem pole, they’re on the job. End of story.

The individuals who operate the website have conducted a survey indicating that 57.5 percent of Americans feel that stores should be closed on Thanksgiving with 37 percent of those feel strongly about it. 16 percent believe that stores should stay open with 5.6 percent feeling strongly about it.

Labor 411’s petition at has collected more than 75,000 signatures urging the CEOs of Target, Walmart and Toys R Us to do the right thing and give their employees the day off on Thanksgiving (and, no, starting work at 5 or 6 pm for pre-Black Friday hours does not count as having a day off.

Please join the movement, by add your voice to those 75,000 and signing our petition.

And just as importantly, do not shop on November 23. Help us keep Thanksgiving the holiday that it is.


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