By Sahid Fawaz

Steal a candy bar, go to prison. Steal from workers, pay a negligible fee.

ThinkPol reports:

"A Vancouver-based employer who stole nearly $3 million in wages from 157 employees have been fined $500 by British Columbia’s employment watchdog.

The employees belong to the 34 companies of the Istuary Innovation Group owned by Yi An Sun, also known as Ethan Sun, according to a lawsuit filed against the companies and its director by Director of Employment Standards.

Sun is allegedly on the run in China with his wife Yulan 'Amy' Hu, according to another lawsuit filed by a group of investors.

The companies, all high-tech startups on paper, are accused of being fronts for a real estate Ponzi scheme in a separate lawsuit filed by another group of investors and employees.

The Director of Employment Standards has determined that the companies have contravened the Employment Standards Act and the 157 employees are all entitled to more than $2.9 million in wages and interest.

Istuary Group has been assessed a $500 dollar administrative penalty and has been asked to stop contravening the Act."

For the rest of the story, read the entire article at ThinkPol here.

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