Union Passover
On March 25, Passover, the holiday of freedom, begins at sundown and one of the great debates of our time will be in full swing: Whose Jewish mom makes the best matzah balls? Yours does, of course.
Whoever’s secret recipe is on the table, Labor 411 wants to make sure the ingredients are union made. Don’t forget to put out the glasses for the Manischewitz wine (yep, it’s union), and if you can’t get a hold of that coveted formula, here’s a good matzah ball recipe to try out.



Matzo Products, Crackers and Farfel



Empire Kosher

Wine and Grape Juice

Arbor Mist

C.K. Mondavi

Chateau Ste. Michelle

Gallo of Sonoma

Turning Leaf

Minute Maid Grape Juice

Welch’s Grape Juice

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