By Sahid Fawaz

We at Labor 411 believe that consumer awareness and education are key to the success of the labor movement. Weteamsters logo have no doubt that most Americans would choose union-made, American-made goods if only they knew which they were – and if they realized that buying those goods helps to support good middle class American jobs.

That is why we are spearheading the “Buy Union, Buy American” campaign! We are dedicating one week at a time to a specific union or group of unions by trade and highlighting the great products and services that they produce.

We first launched this campaign with the highly successful Support Steelworkers Week and reached over 300,000 people via social media, leading to a huge boost in awareness of Steelworker-made products. We followed up with a Support Building Trades Week, which achieved the same success and created awareness for all the great work that union members do in the building and construction industry.

We are happy to announce that on Monday, May 6th, we are launching the Support Teamsters Week. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has a long and proud history of representing workers in the transportation industry. Today you can find Teamsters working in the airline industry, freight, warehouses, schools, and much more! With over one million members and a presence in every geographical region in North America, the Teamsters help produce and/or transport many of the goods and services that we enjoy today.

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0 #1 Ilya 2013-05-06 17:56
Please look at. That is my personal opinion only. Ready to work with anybody who is willing to fight for bringing manufacturing back to USA. I am a Soviet Union born. Electrical engineer (in construction field) and purchase as much American made electrical equipment as possible for my projects. Also I have my own fashion company (100% of manufacturing in NY). Let's work together. Thank you

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