By Michael Messina (aka Maxwell Manischewitz)

It’s Support UFCW Week, and with all the great products and services our Food Workers Union has their hands in, the crew here at Labor 411 thought it would be fun if we played a Facebook game to help highlight how many everyday products are union-made. Of course we’ve modified it for our purposes. It’s easy! Just take the first letter from your first and last name and match them to the columns below (made up of all things UFCW) to create your union-made name. Got a good one? Share it in the comments!

Note: Sorry to all you Xanders and Xaviers out there. Nothing starts with X, so we had to cheat a little.

First Name                                                                                              Last Name

A: Ajax (cleaning products)                                                               A: Appleton (ham)

B: Butterball (meats)                                                                          B: Boraxo (hand soap)

C: Cadbury (candy and chocolate)                                                 C: Caramello (candy bar)

D: Domino (sugar)                                                                                D: Dekuyper (liquor)

E: Eurofresh (vegetables)                                                                   E: Eveready (batteries)

F: Farmer John (meats)                                                                      F: Flintstone (children’s vitamins)

G: Galileo (meats)                                                                                 G: Ghirardelli (chocolate)

H: Heinz (condiments, baked beans, baby food)                    H: Hillshire (Hillshire Farm meats)

I: Indigo (wine)                                                                                        I: Inglenook (wine)

J: Jif (peanut butter)                                                                              J: Johnsonville (meats)

K: Kit Kat (candy bar)                                                                          K: Kodiak (boots)

L: Lucky (supermarkets)                                                                    L: Laguna (Laguna Canyon wines)

M: Maxwell (Maxwell House coffee)                                             M: Manischewitz (crackers, soup, wine)

N: Nikolai (vodka)                                                                                 N: Napoleon (champagne)

O: Orville (Orville Redenbacher popcorn)                                   O: Omaha (steaks)

P: Pucker (flavored liquor)                                                                P: Palmolive (soaps)

Q: Quaker (Quaker Oats)                                                                  Q: Quantum (meats)

R: Rainbow (Rainbow Foods grocery)                                            R: Rosarita (refried beans and more)

S: Seagram (Seagram’s liquors)                                                     S: Sambuca (liqueur)

T: Taboo (classic game)                                                                        T: Thrifty (pharmacy)

U: Ultra (Ultra Brite toothpaste, Ultra Foods grocery)           U: Uniflex (plastic products)

V: Vlasic (peppers, pickles and relish)                                           V: Van Camp (baked beans)

W: Wolverine (boots)                                                                           W: Wolfschmidt (vodka)

X: AXion (cleaning products)                                                             X: StrideX (facial cleansers)

Y: York (peppermint patties)                                                           Y: Yahtzee (classic game)

Z: Zallie (supermarkets)                                                                    Z: Zweigles (meats)


0 #1 Maxwell Palmolive 2013-05-22 19:50
I always buy American Made. Lifetime member of JCEA, CNEA, NEA. YEA!

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