4 Ways Labor 411 is Making it Easier Than Ever to be a Good Consumer

At Labor 411 we understand it can be difficult to find products made by responsible employers. That is why we strive to provide the best directory in the country, dedicated to goods and services produced by workers who receive fair pay and benefits. And this month, our online directory became that much better with the launch of our new website. Now it really is easier than ever to vote with your wallet! Here are four of the ways that we take the pain out of the shopping experience.

1. Location-Based Directory Search

Looking for a nearby union hotel? A union printer? Labor 411 has added a location-based search to its directory so that you can find union vendors with ease.

Simply click on the green button labeled “Use My Location” and the website will automatically find businesses close to you.

Or if you prefer to leave the button off, you can enter your zip code when you search. 

At the moment we have Los Angeles and San Francisco businesses in the location-based search but we will be expanding to more cities in the very near future.

2. Product Spotlights

Craving a union beer? Going camping and would like to buy union-made camping supplies? Or how about union-made items for the holidays?

Our Product Spotlight section provides easy-to-browse lists of popular items made my well-paid workers.  Find out more here.

3. Weekly Newsletter and Savings

Our Labor 411 E-News is a great way to get great ideas on products made by workers receiving a fair wage and benefits. We provide updates on new products, introduce new Product Spotlights, and much more. Plus we offer some terrific discounts and deals, like the recent soccer game night above. It’s free and easy to join. Sign up today by scrolling to the bottom right of our homepage here.

4. Blog Posts on All Things Union

From recipes using union-made products to videos highlighting businesses that pay their workers fair wages, Labor 411’s blog provides resources and information on the things that matter to consumers looking to spend their dollars wisely. Browse the current blog and the archives here.  

We hope you will join us in making your dollars count! Together we can help rebuild America $1 at a time and support good middle class jobs!

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