6 Ways We Made it Easier to Support Good Jobs

(American-made, union-made Harley pictured above)

1. City- Specific Directories 

Want to stay in a hotel that pays its employees fair wages? Looking to dine in a union restaurant? Our city directories allow you to find local establishments that treat their workers well. At the moment we have directories for Los Angeles and San Francisco, but we’re expanding to many more cities in the very near future.

2. Social Media Product Spotlights

When you follow Labor 411 on Facebook, you get daily updates on all things union. We regularly highlight union-made cars, snacks, beverages, and much more. Follow us today and get all the latest in your news feed!

3. Improved Directory Search

This month we revamped our directory search engine to include search by zip code and by user location so that you can find products and services close to you. We have also increased our directory listings to over 6,000 items so that you can get the most comprehensive results from your searches.

4. Union-Made Recipes

At Labor 411 we love good food. And we love it even more when it involves workers who receive fair pay. That is why each week we publish recipes using union-made items. It’s a great excuse to stay at home and cook up something delicious while supporting good middle class jobs.

5. E-Blasts

Our weekly email blasts offer the latest info on shopping responsibly, union-made, American-made products, and much more. We also include captivating videos and articles on labor issues, as well as savings and discounts on union products and services.

6. Holiday Shopping Guides

Whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving or the Mother’s Day, Labor 411 has you covered. Each holiday we put together exclusive shopping guides that feature products and services by employers who pay their workers fair wages and benefits. Now you can get the perfect gift while support good paying jobs!

We hope that you find these six ways helpful as you try to spend your dollars on businesses who compensate their employees well. We are constantly adding to our directory and our social media pages, so make sure to check back often!

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