8 Heartbreaking Pictures That Remind Us Why The World Needs Unions More Than Ever


by Sahid Fawaz

What would a world look like without a strong labor movement? These eight pictures give a glimpse into the harsh work enivronments in countries where labor and safety regulations are virtually nonexistent, where unions are scarce, and where rights for workers are nowhere to be found. Without labor unions to push for reforms and protections in these countries, workers will continue to be at the mercy of their employers and receive meager pay while working in unconscionable workplaces. When someone tells you that the time for unions has come and gone, share these images with them as a reminder that unions are as necessary as ever in today’s world.

Children workers at a balloon plant.



Workers in a China plant that makes Apple products. 



Child workers in brickyard.



Gold miners in Africa.



Collapsed building that killed over 1,000 textile workers in Bangladesh.



Child labor at a construction site in India.



 Bangladesh worker in pot factory.



Hands of an eight year old factory worker.

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