By Sahid Fawaz

When watching the first eight minutes of the video below made for Lowe's store managers, I thought, "nothing looks too bad so far." But, as with virtually all corporate videos on unions, things get ugly and distorted quickly.

Starting at the 8:00 mark, Lowe's states that "no matter how they might portray themselves, unions are a business." You know, because businesses are democratically elected non-profit organization that are created by workers for the purposes of collective bargaining [/sarcasm]. 

The b.s. continues with the video claiming that "whatever problem an employee has, the organizer's job is to point out that the union has a solution." 

For a real laugh, jump to 16:20, where some really bad acting tries to show how a union organizer talks to the organizing committee. It's pure comedy gold. Kindergarten plays probably have better acting than this.

At 17:20, Lowe's true feelings on unions and organizing slip out again when the video labels organizing committee members as "in-house pushers" who are "marginal workers in many cases and think the union is a way to increase their own power and influence."

There's so much more of this in this video. See for yourself below. It's long, so we suggest starting at 8 minutes in and then jumping around. Chances are that you'll land on some real doozies.


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  • Guest - susan

    Why is Lowes so fearful of Unions? Even the presentation says it, A MAJORITY of employees, Negotiates wages, benefits and working conditions. Sounds like a good thing for employees. I love the way they want to convince employees to just list them them ... "Lowe's knows whats best for you, not you" scary.

  • Guest - JD

    A good friend worked part time for lowes and was mandated to work a holiday when she had a wedding ... They told her to take it up with HR. HR from lowes was no help

  • Guest - Robert Albini

    when lowe's built it's first store in western new York they touted it being built with union labor and how well the construction went.this video shows their true colors.i think I will take my purchases elsewhere.

  • Guest - Union Forever

    I love how they make the unions sound like the Mafia!!!! haha.. See how safe you feel when you come upon a bridge that was not built by Iron Workers local. All my friends who work in the same business I do, make 30% less than I do, since I work union jobs.

  • Guest - Andrew

    I will never ever shop here again ever video is soo full of shit

  • Guest - John Shallenberger

    So sad, I have always been a big supporter of Lowes, that's until I watched this. Now I guess I'll take my hard earned money an travel 2 miles farther and spend it at Menards !!! You need to rethink your views of unions because there's a lot if unions in this county that did a lot of shopping at your stores!!!

  • Guest - emmett till

    Staples claimed copyright and the video is no longer available.

  • Guest - Chris

    It is amazing that the video is no longer available; then again, I am not surprised... Union bashing is at an all-time high in this country. why? IDK... Union membrs are not on the public assistance dole for the most part, and are well- trained in their respective occupations. Honestly, would you rather have an educated and trained carpenter, plumber, electrician, painter, etc, working in your house? Or an off-the-street, poorly paid, untrained hoo-hah ?

  • Guest - Kay Windham Carver

    ;) I will no longer buy at Lowes due to your anti-UNION practice.
    You just lost a very good customer!:p:p:p

  • Guest - Steve

    After seeing this story - it all began to make sense to me. Unfortunately, the video was down due to copyright claim so I didn't get to see it.

    Before I start, let me state I'm no kid. I'm 54, in decent shape and showed up for the interview freshly showered and dressed in clean work clothes as I was going straight to my full-time job afterwards. I do not exhibit anything that 99.99% of people would look at or wonder about such as tatoos, pink hair, etc. - not that I have a problem with these things - but who knows what those in positions to hire think - right?

    I responded to an ad offering part time AM employment at my local Lowe's - before my regular afternoon work hours as an IBEW represented Verizon technician. I hold professional licenses in electrical, oil burners and am working towards a license for refrigeration. I have spent a fair amount of time in construction and remodeling. I took Lowe's exam and passed as I expected and had a very positive interview with the ass't. store manager. I provided my supervisor's contact information and had no problem with them talking to him about me - where they would have learned I have 14 years of perfect attendance and a positive work record. I was surprised when I received a form letter thanking me, and informing that they found other candidates that were better suited, blah, blah, blah. I asked my Verizon supervisor if he had been contacted by Lowe's - but he said he hadn't. Infuriated, I wrote to the store and asked about my rejection and told them about my attendance record. As expected, I didn't receive a reply. I knew Lowe's wasn't a union shop - but I didn't think my membership elsewhere was threatening to them. I'm probably better off not working there - so I guess its a win/win - right?

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