Want a glimpse into what anti-union propaganda looks like? Here you go. This is what employees have had to watch at Walmart. There are so many anti-union myths and lies in this clip that we lost track trying to count them.

Check it out for yourself here: link.

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  • Guest - Rhonda Anderson

    They left out the good stuff unions have to offer. Equal pay for equal work. Holiday pay, employee rights etc.... I worked at Walmart for a whole 3 weeks. The worse job I ever had. Most of the associates were back stabbers to get ahead even if it meant lying about their coworkers. Not a family I wanted to be part of. The only truth in this video is the customers. I honestly loved the customers. The associates were just plain mean. But that comes from higher up. In the 3 weeks I Worked there, the store manager passed by me several times in a day and never welcomed me of introduced himself or much less smiled and at least acknowledged me.

  • Guest - Jackie

    Can't hear the video.

  • Guest - Clayton

    Unions are terrible. I belong to the USW. The USW cost me over $22k during our strike in February-April. For what? The company has consistently fought for my interest. The union consistently fights for the interest of a few. It's terrible. Unions extort money from me monthly, like a tax, and I don't get any benefits from it. I don't need protection from the company. I need protection from my union.

  • Guest - JP

    In Canada, 2 stores unionized in the province of Quebec, which is very pro-union, not long after, Walmart closed the stores.

  • Guest - paul hazinski

    All people that watch this vid for walmart should justvget up and leave whatva horrable bunch of lies

  • Guest - RSMacKinnon

    "Wal-Mart hopes to appeal to its core U.S. customers with a renewed focus on low prices, tidy stores, fresher produce and friendlier employees, especially in its home market, which accounts for about 60% of total sales. The company raised employee minimum wages to $9 in April and plans to make that $10 by next February.

    The raises are a tacit acknowledgment that the company had squeezed costs to the point that it was hurting sales. The raises are aimed in part at giving employees an incentive to keep stores tidier and better stocked. "

    The raises were not an acknowledgment that its associates weren't making a living wage.

  • Guest - bruno

    Please refresh my memory.. how many walmart employees are full time? or even better yet, are on gov't asst because of walmart's low wages etc?

  • Guest - steve

    Wow I guess getting paid holidays and sick days plus more money per hour is bad thing people who think this anti union bullshit is true is a joke. Can you be a homeowner working at wall mart at and hourly worker I doubt it. Don't let big business fool you union yes..

  • Guest - mike

    I have been a teamster for 21 years. The unions built America and the middle class. we get better pay,benefits,vacation,seniority rights,and respect! If you want to work for peanuts, more power to ya!! We make in one day what Wal-Mart employees make in a week!

  • Guest - Dd2

    its simple! no Union equals more overall profit! If Walmart were to go Union the price of products would go up and there would be a lot tougher competition with less profits or expected profits ! So not only would Walmart have to pay workers a half decent wage plus employee benefits which would cut into profits!. I'm sorry but Sam is no different then Rockefeller or any other CEO for that matter no money equals no point! For these men . Now as a union man I tell you I wouldn't want it any other way. The big thing is rules and guidelines and workers rights, if there is a problem and which it barely happens then things are straighten out immediately by simply reviewing the agreement! Plain and simple. On top of being in a union is the safety training that comes with being in a union It is incredible and the ability to stop the job an do it right and safe! I don't mind paying dues so that I can have a job , health coverage,training and most importantly a PENSION! Ya that's right the most important thing a PENSION, so answer me this how does a one on one work for ya if the boss hates you? I'm sure it happens or if you strongly feel that things are not right and your boss disagrees with ya still who do you turn to? And after you are let go from Walmart after your one on one what do you do then? The answer nothing cause you can't because you are not union! Walmart needs to make billions plain and simple they don't give to craps about their employees and how they live and suffer and there is absolutely no reason other then profit as to why they will not unionize!

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