By Sahid Fawaz

How bad is the federal minimum wage? Bad. Really bad. 

Just take a look at the map below to see how inadequate the current minimum wage of $7.25 is for workers. 

For a large version of the map, click here.

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  • Guest - James

    Where is the research to back this claim up? I know for a fact the numbers for GA and SC are way way out of range. You can get a 2 bed 2 bath townhome for less than $1000 a month. Do some actual research before you post a this crap trying to make it look worse than it is. You must have searched most expensive housing in each state to make this ludicrous chart. I understand wanting to earn more money. However posting fake numbers, at least for the two states I mentioned, won't get ya there.

  • Guest - That guy

    Ok, after reading some of the comments, it's no surprise to see you're making less than you think you deserve. I was making minimum wage and was not satisfied, guess what I did? At 24 I went back to school and received my Bachlors of science, I yet still was not satisfied with my pay, I went back yet again for another degree. Now I was making good money but wanted more, so I moved to the city. You make your own path in life people settle for minimum wage jobs because they are to lazy to do what the rest of us had to sacrifice and complete. I came from nothing paid for school with my own loans, my own money, no parents to help me, I don't like reading this non sense. Create a better life for yourself. Minimum wage jobs are:p for kids and senior citizens, not grown men and women trying to support a family.

  • Guest - Melissa

    My husband and I lived very comfortably on $850 a month, we had a two bedroom apartment, went out to eat occasionally and had all the necessities. We even took one vacation a year and had a basic cell phone plan. We also managed to save $10,000 in two years. And had a baby during that time, all without feeling deprived of anything. Those that say you need a lot to live and live quite well are wasting their money on something.

  • Guest - chris anastasios

    I'm simply trying to understand why people think just because you have a college degree that you should be making more money than one who does not posess a degree. Only a fool thinks this and will learn that a college degree is not going to educate you to make money. It will educate you to be what you chose to be. Whetever that may be.

  • Guest - Karl

    Notice how most of the affordable starts have conservative roots?

  • Guest - Zeke

    By no stretch of the imagination do you need that much in Utah, i live just outside of slc, and take home 2k/month.

    Have a 2 br apt, and still spend stupid amounts of money on booze.

  • Guest - Rick

    Minimum wage was something used to get us out of the depression back in the 30's. Why would someone working a minimum wage or non-skilled worker job need a 2 bedroom apartment? Minimum wage and non-skilled jobs are nor meant for you to support a family especially as your sole source of income. People need to stop feeling sorry for themselves and expecting everyone to do the hard work for them. Learn a trade or even try and climb the company ladder, put some effort forth and you shall be rewarded. Stop complaining, life isn't fair but you can always try and do something about it instead of expecting other people to do it for you. Go ahead and bump minimum wage up to 15 bucks an hour and then watch how fast a computer will replace you, because it's more cost effective and can actually take my order right.

  • Guest - Cloudchaser

    I wonder if that includes rent plus other living expenses plus a bit extra (at least $100 a month) for savings or just rent alone

  • Guest - Heidi

    Why do people think minimum wage was ever intended to mean "living" wage?

  • Guest - M.R. Callahan

    The stats are a little misleading. Living in FL I have found several bargains in searching for rental and for sale properties that are less expensive than those in cities in TN and GA. I've lived on minimum wage and actually bought a house (yrs ago), but it was because we educated ourselves to the market and asked a lot of questions, etc. YOU CAN LIVE on minimum wages, but no one with ambition will stay there! MW is a place to START and shouldn't be looked at as a career choice!

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