By Ross Lenihan

A new Pew survey reveals how Millennials, the oft-hyped demographic, view key social institutions. It turns out that Millennials have a more positive view of many major social institutions than their elders and that one of the most notable examples is organized labor.

Labor unions are viewed more positively today than they were five years ago by all age groups,  but the uptick in opinion is especially notable among those born after 1980. More than half of Millennials (57%) view unions positively, compared to 42% of Gen Xers, 41% of Baby Boomers, and just 28% of the Silent Generation.

The Great Recession is certainly a major factor here, but another major concern is whether Millenials will actually act on their values (our own Cherri Senders recently wrote a piece, published in the Sacramento Bee, on this very topic).

Whether Millennials will indeed re-grow the labor movement is yet to be seen, but the takeaway from this poll seems to show that if it does happen it will be backed by the minds and efforts of a pro-organized labor generation.

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