American Companies Call On Feds To Crack Down On False “Made in USA” Products

American manufacturers want the federal government to go after companies that falsely label their products as “Made in USA.” reports:

“As the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear this week, many shoppers say they’ll be looking for gifts made in America.

Research shows a majority of Americans will pay more for U.S. made items.

Manufacturers and retailers say they’re seeing more interest, especially this time of year, in buying “Made in America” products.

They want the federal government to crack down on companies that falsely label products as made in the USA.

At his shop in South Portland, Mainer Nate Hicks can turn a gauge used to measure lobsters into jewelry.

He sells them at Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine.

The stores in Portland and Bath feature more than 400 of Maine’s small businesses, everything from coasters to candles.

In this store, the closest you’ll get to made in China is soap, made in China, Maine.

Products sold there must be made in Maine.

To get one of the “Maine made” labels, you have to apply and get one from the state.

The allure extends beyond the Maine border.

A survey by consumer reports found 80 percent of Americans prefer to buy American-made products, and would pay more for them.

And with that interest, the Alliance for American Manufacturing wants the Federal Trade Commission to crack down on companies that falsely label products as American-made.

The alliance says it costs more to make products here, and more should be done to protect the made-in-USA label.

Right now, the FTC only seeks restitution after a second violation.”

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