Bernie To Trump: Stand Up To GM For Layoffs, Promise ‘No more federal contracts’

Bernie Sanders had some strong words for President Donald Trump on his handling of the recent General Motors layoffs and plant shutdowns.

The Akron Beacon Journal reports:

“The crowd erupted in applause and chants of “Bernie” as Sen. Bernie Sanders entered the Lordstown High School auditorium Sunday to discuss campaign promises and to criticize the closing of the General Motors plant last month.

The Democratic presidential hopeful opened his remarks before a crowd of about 100 by saying the situation in Lordstown should be part of a national conversation because plants have shut down across the country. He told those in attendance they must decide if they will allow companies to close down profitable plants, ask for tax breaks and dictate trade policies.

He also mockingly called President Donald Trump a “tough guy” for shutting down the government which denied federal workers paychecks. Along with challenging Trump to no longer give federal contracts to GM, Sanders added he and others would make it illegal to do stock buybacks unless a company respects and protects the jobs of its workers.

‘To him I say, to Donald Trump, you’re really a tough guy to shut down the federal government,’ Sanders said. ‘You’re really a tough guy to deny tens and tens, hundreds and thousands of workers a paycheck. Let’s see how tough you are. Tell General Motors today no more federal contracts.'”

For the rest of the story, visit the Akron Beacon Journal here.

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