Bill Would Allow State’s Residents To Donate To Teachers On Their Tax Returns

Michigan is looking to fund teachers through a voluntary donation via residents’ tax tax returns.

MLive reports:

‘Michigan residents would have the option to donate to a fund for school teachers on their tax return under new bills in the state legislature.

House Bills 5165 and 5166, introduced by Reps. Brad Paquette, R-Niles, and Nate Shannon, D-Sterling Heights, would create the Made a Difference Teacher Fund, and allow Michigan taxpayers to voluntarily donate some or all of their state tax refund to the fund.

The fund would be distributed in $1,000 increments to current and retired Michigan teachers, whom residents could nominate to receive the fund.

Paquette and Shannon – both former teachers – said if enacted, the fund could be a little extra boost for teachers who have made a difference in their students’ lives, and a way for students to honor their favorite teacher.

Paquette said the idea came from a conversation with one of his constituents, who brought up the question, ‘How do you ensure teachers know they’ve made a difference in young people’s lives?’

‘This would let teachers know they did make a difference,’ Paquette said. ‘A lot of teachers get burnt out. They need to know that what they do means the world to those young people.'”

For the rest of the story, visit MLive here.

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