Call to Consumers

The Labor 411 Foundation invites consumers to change their spending habits by 10% during Ethical Consumer Week, April 10-14.

Labor 411’s mission is to make it easy for consumers to use the power of their wallet to help create good jobs each and every day. By supporting businesses that treat their employees well with fair pay, good benefits and safe working conditions, we can all create a stronger economy.

With income inequality continuing to be a scourge around the country, Labor 411 believes that we must enlist consumers in our fight to affect good corporate behavior. By making the choice to spend our money on products and services that are made by workers who are treated fairly, and paid living wages, we can all help build stronger communities and strengthen the middle class.

Ethical Consumer Week is a celebration of the power of consumers to help create good jobs, encouraging and educating the public about how their daily spending habits can strengthen our economy and our communities. We call that “Buying Blue,” our power to make a difference with every $1 we spend.

Here are some suggestions on how you can help support good jobs:

• Eat at restaurants that treat their workers with respect and provide a living wage
• Shop at grocery stores with unionized workers
• Do not buy products that are known to be made overseas by an exploited workforce
• Do not use self checkouts
• Buy products made by ethical companies featured in our online directory,

By committing to changing your spending habits in one small way every day during Ethical Consumer Week, you’ll see just how easy it is use your dollars to strengthen the middle class.

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