Celebrate National Cookie Day by Scarfing Down Only American-Made Oreos

By Evan Henerson

Back in mid-November, Kristyn Pomranz of Bravo’s The Feast blog invited her readers to identify the “mystery flavor” of the recently released Mystery Oreo. Guesses included “Key lime pie,” “Fruity Pebbles,” “lemon salt water taffy.” A woman who worked for Mondelez (but who confessed to having no insider knowledge) said “Chiquita Banana lady’s hat.”

Nobody guessed “heart of gold” which, we realize isn’t a flavor, but we’re trying to make a bigger point here.

A couple days later, in an unrelated action, multiple unions joined in a nationwide day of action boycott against Mexican-made Nabisco products including the top selling Oreo. The company has been on a partial blacklist by organized labor since March of 2016 when hundreds of workers were laid off after the company shut down its Chicago plant and outsourced production to Mexico. Ever since, the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco and Grain Millers (BCTGM) – with the AFL-CIO’s backing – has said “no” to Mexican-made Oreos, no matter what the flavor.

You want Oreos, check the label. If it reads “Made in the USA,” chow down. If not, put the box down.

We offer this tasty bit of advice as National Cookie Day comes to an end. National Cookie Day is a day on which celebrants are urged to observe the holiday by “Pick(ing) up some cookies at your local bakery. Remember to share some of your cookies with your family and friends!”

Not so hard, right, and here’s betting that you probably won’t want another year before having your next cookie.

Just keep it ethical.

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