CEOs Have Already Made Your Entire 2018 Salary. Here’s How Many Days It Took Them.

By Sahid Fawaz

The CEOs of the America’s top 350 companies take home an average $15.6 million each, or $42,700 a day (or $1,779 an hour).

The median household income in the United States, however, is $59,000.

Sadly, that means that by the time most workers arrived at their jobs on Tuesday morning and got settled in, the typical corporate CEO had already made the workers’ full 2018 salary. It took the CEOs only the first 33 hours of 2018 to do it.

Statistics like these are one of the reasons that the GOP tax plan is so unpopular. With the CEO-worker pay ratio climbing from 20-1 in 1965 to 271-1 today, few Americans have faith that trickle down economics will do anything more than make the rich richer at the cost of the average American worker.

For more on out-of-control executive pay, check out the Washington Post report here.

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