Departing AT&T CEO, Who Presided Over Layoffs Of Tens Of Thousands, To Receive $247,000 A Month For Life

Randall Stephenson, the soon to be ex-CEO of AT&T, was no friend of labor. Under his tenure, tens of thousands of employees got the pink slip. And some right before Christmas.

And he is getting a handsome reward for his job-killing reign: $247,000 a month for life.

CBS MarketWatch reports:

“Company filings show that the departing chairman and CEO is retiring with a staggering pension account worth $64 million — enough, according to industry data, to provide the 59-year old with a guaranteed income of $274,000 a month for the rest of his days.

A month.

How’s your 401(k) doing?

Stephenson even got a $1.2 million company matching contribution to his “deferral plans” last year. He also holds at least $20 million in stock and options in the company. His total compensation for the last three years averaged $30 million a year.

AT&T declined to comment beyond confirming the numbers.

Awkwardly, Stephenson recently warned that AT&T’s 250,000 world-wide employees could face layoffs due to the coronavirus crisis. Details haven’t been announced. Nor have any severance terms.”

For the rest of the story, visit MarketWatch here.

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