Football is Here. Are You Ready?

It’s finally football season! Thursday marks the first regular season matchup and you need to make sure you’re ready for all this big games this weekend. For Part 1 or our series, Labor 411 has a few suggestions for the basics as you prepare to ensure your game day is as union friendly as possible.

Union-made footballs

Before you flop on to the couch for a few hours, toss your own pigskin around for a little while. Get the blood flowing and maybe even put your own scrimmage together. Either way, purchase a Wilson football and know that it is union made by Workers United members.

The Big Screen

Domestically produced televisions are still in the infantile stages at this point, so we recommend shopping at Costco for your flat screen. Some Costcos are unionized and the company itself is worker friendly.


While Costco is a good big box store option, Labor 411 refs will toss a flag if we see a Walmart purchase. Their low prices are an easy lure, but they most certainly are not treating their employees with dignity and respect. Take a stand and avoid making purchases there whenever possible.

Other games for the kiddies

Sometimes the kids just aren’t into it. We’ve got a long list of games to keep them entertained when they don’t feel like watching. You can play at half time, too. Click here for games made by RWDSU members.

Batteries for the remote

Make sure that clicker is running smoothly with some fresh Everyready batteries.

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