Friendly’s Restaurants May Have Violated Labor Laws In Layoffs

Friendly’s recent actions may not have been so legally friendly.

The Democrat and Chronicle reports:

“Sen. Chuck Schumer won’t be eating at Friendly’s again.

“I go to Friendly’s a lot,’ Schumer said. ‘I did love the vanilla Fribble, and the BLT with turkey. It had a lot of mayonnaise. But I’m not going anymore.’

Flanked by several former employees, Schumer stood outside of the now-shuttered Friendly’s location on Spencerport Road in Gates on Monday afternoon. In a brief press conference, he announced his intent to determine if the Massachussetts-based restaurant chain violated federal labor laws in abruptly laying off hundreds of employees on the weekend of April 6.

‘They all were just punched in the gut by Friendly’s,’ Schumer said. ‘What happened to these folks behind me is just so wrong. Some might call it unfriendly, but that’s too easy. It was mean, it was nasty.’

Earlier this month, Schumer called for a federal investigation after Friendly’s abruptly closed 15 restaurants in upstate New York and laid off more than 300 employees without any notice.

The chain, he said, may have violated the labor law’s WARN Act, which requires all companies to give at least 60 days notice ahead of mass layoffs affecting more than 50 people at a single site of employment.”

For the rest of the story, visit The Democrat and Chronicle here.

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