Fright to Work — Division in Delaware

By Evan Henerson

We hear about Fright to work legislation in states and certainly at the federal level. So how do you deal with the news that this pernicious bit of slime is oozing its way into your local county?

If you’re Sussex County, Delaware, one of three counties in the entire state, apparently you experience a lot of angst with attorneys arguing over whether such legislation will even be legal. The Sussex County Council is trying to push it through with councilman Rob Arlett introducing the measure. The council’s lawyer says that if the council passes fright-to-work, it will immediately be litigated.

An article in the Daily Signal talks to people on both sides of the issue- including several union members – and notes that Sandoval County Council in New Mexico is going through a similar battle. Reporter Kevin Mooney talks about the nearly vacant DuPont plant in Seaford that used to employ thousands and notes that large businesses have been reluctant to locate in Delaware and that fright-to-work could prove to be an enticement.

Mooney also interviews Anthony Wedo, president and CEO of Premiere Restaurant Group, a big-time “turnaround CEO” who once appeared on Undercover Boss. A proud Delawareian, Wedo suggests that “When implemented correctly, right to work benefits unions, it benefits workers and it benefits companies.”

The article concludes with a quote from Arlett:

“If your county is not a right-to-work county, then prospective businesses won’t consider coming. We are pro-union. We are all about providing options. But when no companies are coming, there are no opportunities for unions. Right to work is a triple win for unions, companies, and employees.”

A “triple win for unions, companies and employees” Alrightee, then.

But perhaps the best part of this pro fright-to-work missive masquerading as a news article is the note at the bottom of the article, appealing to readers to help keep the Signal from doing its thing:

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One more thing…Sussex County Council is reviewing its fright to work proposal on, you guessed it, Oct. 31.

For a far less slanted account of the situation in Delaware, read this article.

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