GOP Senator Calls Out Trump’s Tax Plan as a “Middle-Class Tax Hike”

By Sahid Fawaz

President Donald Trump’s tax plan is bad for the middle class that even Republicans are complaining.

New York Magazine reports:

“The Republican Party wants to cut taxes on rich people. The vast majority of the American voters — including Republican ones — do not like that idea. This is a problem for the GOP, since our political system still has a few of the trappings of a representative democracy.

But it’s not, necessarily, a fatal problem. After all, Republicans have taken pains to build an epistemic wall around their core voters, by delegitimizing the mainstream media, academics, or any kind of expert who does not flatter Sean Hannity’s intuitions. And this wall makes it relatively easy for conservative politicians to tell their supporters bald-faced lies. For example, President Trump recently said that he would not benefit from his own tax plan, despite the fact that said plan cuts the Trump Organization’s tax rate by nearly 15 points, while abolishing the tax on multi-million-dollar estates. Instead, Trump insisted that his plan was a “middle-class tax cut” that would deliver the bulk of its benefits to ordinary, hardworking Americans.

When nonpartisan research institutes, like the Tax Policy Center, began highlighting the fact that this is not true, conservative politicians and media outlets quickly set about reinforcing the GOP base’s epistemic barriers. ‘Tax Policy Center? More like Joe Biden’s National Tax Center!’ budget director Mick Mulvaney basically said on Fox News Sunday. The Wall Street Journal editorial page proceeded to assure conservatives that the think tank’s analysis — which showed that 80 percent of the benefits of Trump’s tax cuts would accrue to the top one percent, while a significant swathe of the middle class might actually see a net tax increase — was mere left-wing ‘propaganda.’

And then, on Monday afternoon, Rand Paul merrily took a sledgehammer to a load-bearing piece of that aforementioned (epistemic) wall [with this tweet:”

For the rest of the story, check out the full piece at New York Magazine here.



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