GOP Senators Threaten Coronavirus Relief Bill, Say That Benefits For Laid-Off Workers Are Too High

Lindsey Graham and other GOP senators are threatening to delay the conoranvirus relief bill.

They’re not doing so because of the $500 billion slush fund for corporations. No, they love that part and all the other giveaways to corporate America.

Their objection comes from the fact that unemployed workers might receive substantial unemployment benefits.

Graham and others said in a joint statement that the bill could provide – and I’m not making this up – a ‘strong incentive for employees to be laid off instead of going to work’ because some of the unemployed could earn more from being laid off than from working.

Now, think for a minute how dumb that sounds. Workers don’t lay themselves off. Employers lay them off. If an employee quits, then he or she doesn’t receive unemployment benefits. So, how would providing substantial unemployment benefits provide a “strong incentive for employees to be laid off”? This is an exceptionally lame attempt by a group of GOP senators to deny real benefits to working class Americans, and thereby hurting our economic recovery by not putting more money in the hands of consumers.


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