If Manny Comes to Philly, Should we Thank a Union Electrician?

Manny Machado, a perennial all-star shortstop who has spent the bulk of his career with the Baltimore Orioles, is poised to sign a record-breaking contract when he chooses his next team.  The numbers being floated are somewhere in the $300 million for 10 years range.

Naturally a guy with Machado’s talent is a highly coveted property and several teams are wooing him. Machado, a free agent, is making the rounds, having gone to New York to meet with the Yankees, to Chicago for a pitch from the White Sox and to Philadelphia, home of the Phightin’ Phillies.

During his visit to the City of Brotherly Love, Machado met with the team president, got a tour of Citizens Bank Park and saw the scoreboard depicting him wearing Phillies red.

He also got an unofficial union pitch.

According to writers for MLB.com, the “We want Manny” dog and pony show was briefly interrupted by Tom Cudeyro, a 57-year-old electrician with Local 351, who took a photo with Machado and reminded him that the Super Bowl champion Eagles play across the street at Lincoln Financial Field.

“Do the right thing and sign,” Cudeyro shouted to Machado as the ballplayer was entering the building. “Get the money.”

Eric Chesterton’s article goes on to say that back in 2002, a group of electricians made signs to convince future hall of famer Jim Thome to sign with the Phillies.

“Their impact was so great that the event made it into his Hall of Fame induction speech,” Chesterton writes. “Now that he’s met with a Philadelphia electrician, Machado’s path forward is clear – sign with the Phillies and go into Cooperstown once his career is over.”

As one of Phillies beat writer Matt Gelb’s Twitter followers wrote, “This man may never need to buy a beer again in this city if Machado signs with the Phils.”

Read the article here and stay tuned, baseball watchers.

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