If you vote for Trump, you’re voting for someone who proudly campaigned, ‘I love right to work’

“I love the right to work. It is better for the people. You are not paying the big fees to the unions.”

These are President Donald Trump’s words from February 2016, when he was campaigning to become the 45th president of the United States.

Yet, a not insignificant number of union members voted for him anyway. Not surprisingly, the result has been a disaster for labor unions as his NLRB has issued decision after decision against unions and members.

But it doesn’t stop there. Trump didn’t just say he supported “right to work,” he promised that he would sign a bill that would make “right to work” the law in all 50 states.

And if that is not enough for voters to consider the possibility that Trump is no friend of labor, the White House issued a statement that it opposed the worker-friendly PRO Act and recommended vetoing it.


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