It’s Time To Get Rid Of The Electoral College

Let’s face it: the electoral college (“EC”) is an antiquated system that disenfranchises Americans. Few outside the U.S. even use the method to pick their own leaders.

All the EC seems to do, really, is give millions of Americans less voting power than others simply because of where they live.

A person living in Wyoming, for example, has the voting power equal to that of 3.6 people living in California.

So much for the one person, one vote principle.

Defenders of the EC will counter that people in small states like Wyoming are at risk of being dominated politically by people in California if there were no EC. It’s a strange argument. Consider, for example, that California, which has almost 1/10th of the entire US population, would be the fifth largest economy in the world were it a country. It’s economic success attracts more people to live there. Why penalize the state’s voters simply because the state is a desirable place to live?

All the EC seems to accomplish each election is to give candidates who are unable to win the popular vote a chance to represent the country. It gives certain states, known as swing states, extraordinary power in choosing the president. This leads to candidates focusing on only a few states, rather appealing to all Americans regardless of where they live.

No one knows for sure if the Founding Fathers really meant for the EC to be an intermediary of “intelligent” people who would be a buffer against “mob rule” or if the system was really designed by the elite to keep the elite in power. What we do know is that electors nowadays are just rubber stamps for their parties. They rarely exercise independent judgment.

In the end, what we have is a system where one candidate wins millions more in votes than the other candidate yet can lose. It’s happened twice in the last five presidential elections. The fact that we are all still awaiting the results of the current election, even though Joe Biden is ahead by over four million votes, must seem very strange to anyone outside our country. Yet here we are again.

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