Labor 411’s 2020 Oscar Special

As everyone knows, there is no town more ethical than Tinseltown…

No, no, wait… Pick yourself up off the floor and stifle those guffaws. By “ethical,” we mean that Hollywood is unionized pretty much across the board. All of the craftsmen who collectively produce your favorite films are members of unions, and those unions make sure their members earn livable wages, good benefits and enjoy safe working conditions and a voice on the job.

So with Hollywood’s biggest night, the Academy Awards, coming up on Sunday, it’s time for Labor 411’s union-made Oscarpalooza special featuring ethical products inspired by the nine Best Picture nominees.

The envelope, please…

Ford vs Ferrari

Ford Mustang

Duh! This American-made classic could take on any European speedster any day.


The Irishman

Jack Daniel’s

Given how often he was hanging out with members of the Bufalino crime family, Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran (played by Robert De Niro) might actually have gone for an Italian wine over whiskey.


Jojo Rabbit

Kit Kat

Break off a piece for your imaginary friend. (S)he’ll be grateful.



Anything made by Tastykake

After watching an emaciated Joaquin Phoenix crawl inside the skin of future super-villain, Arthur “The Joker” Fleck, we wanted to fatten this guy up at least to where he no longer fits inside a fridge!


Little Women

Mother’s Cookies

In honor of uber matriarch Margaret “Marmee” March who must have baked plenty of delights for her four daughters.


Marriage Story

Kleenex Tissue

After all, the dissolution of a marriage – or watching it – is a sorrowful affair



International Paper

When you have a critically important message to deliver, only the best will do.


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn

Quentin Tarantino’s opus celebrates the glory of the cinema. So pass the popcorn and make it extra salty!




When you consider the way the Parks treat the Kims and vice versa, the title of the classic board pretty much says it all.

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