Last Call: Irwindale MillerCoors Plant to Shutter by September


More than 450 employees at the MillerCoors brewery in Irwindale got some unwelcome – but it seems not wholly unexpected – news this week when they learned that the Molson Coors Beverage Co. plans to close the 40-year-old brewery by September.

“Our core brands have seen years of volume declines,” Molson Coors spokesman Marty Maloney told the L.A. Times. “The lost volume means our breweries aren’t operating at an efficient capacity level. The production can be absorbed by other breweries in our network.”

According to the Times’ story, the Irwindale production would be shifted to plants in Colden, Colorado and Fort Worth, Texas. The 470 employees will need to seek other employment within the company…

…unless Pabst Brewing Company decides to buy the plant. Molson Coors has offered the plant for $150 million and Pabst will “evaluate the opportunity.”

The Times story blames the closure on an industry-wide decline in popularity of light beer.

The Irwindale plant is notable for its green efforts. The facility has not sent garbage to a landfill since 2010 and is home to the largest solar panel inslation of any U.S. brewery. The company produced 4.8 million barrels of beer last year which was shipped to 261 distributors.

Labor 411 awarded the employees at the MilerCoors Irwindale plant its Buy Blue Ribbon Award in 2018.

Read the full L.A. Times story here.

Labor 411 Buy Blue Ribbon Award at MillerCoors Irwindale.

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