Minneapolis Union Workers: The Unsung Heroes of Super Bowl LII

By Oren Peleg

Minnesota football fans were devastated after their beloved Vikings fell one win short of hosting a Super Bowl at home in the Twin Cities. Still, the show must go on and it will.

But who’s really behind the scenes accommodating Minneapolis’ massive influx of tourists and making sure the premier American sports event goes off without a hitch?

Well, let’s just say Vikings players, proud union members of the NFL Players Association, might be the only union workers in the city who get the day off.

In his article for “People’s World,” reporter Steve Share details how Super Bowl LII will be a wall-to-wall union event. That includes the union construction workers who finished building U.S. Bank stadium in 2016, food vendors in the stands to hotel workers and airport and bus and light rail operators getting people to and from the game. Oh, and don’t forget about the players on the field!

Optimism appears to be permeating the local labor force. There’s work aplenty for union members like the 18-30 licensed electricians from IBEW Local 292 who will be onsite to make sure the Patriots-Eagles clash goes off without a hitch.

In the article, Share quotes Local 292 member Myles Lembke who works at the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport:

“I think the Super Bowl has been fantastic for labor in general in the metro area. Everybody I’ve been talking to has had extra work because of it,” he said.
Still, when a sizeable event like this comes to town, controversy isn’t hard to find. There are some labor and community organizations planning a “Super Bowl Week of Actions” to protest common practices of corporate partners like taking advantage of local workers with low-road subcontractors or temporary work agencies.

To get a sense of the whole picture, check out the full story here.

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