More Layoffs At U.S. Steel Despite Trump’s Steel Tariffs

In the age of the Trump steel tariffs, more workers are getting pink slips.

The Times of Northwest Indiana reports:

“U.S. Steel laid off even more workers Friday in its third round of blood-letting since just November.

The Pittsburgh-based steelmaker laid off an unspecified number of non-union employees at its Gary Works mill and the Midwest Plant in Portage as part of another national round of layoffs. U.S. Steel, which lost $642 million last year, underwent a similar round of layoffs of non-union employees in November that also was national and that also affected both Gary Works and the Midwest Plant.

It also started laying off up to 150 United Steelworkers union-represented workers in November when it idled East Chicago Tin as it looked to consolidate its tin operations amid an abrupt collapse in the tin market.

United Steelworkers Union District 7 President Mike Millsap said he heard around 200 non-union employees were laid off, but the company won’t say exactly how many people lost their jobs.

U.S. Steel spokeswoman Amanda Malkowski said the latest round of layoffs were companywide and affected only employees who don’t belong to the union, typically those in managerial or professional positions.”

For the rest of the story, visit the Times of Northwest Indiana here.

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