Energy Company Fires Oilfield Worker After Saving 50 Waterfowl From Tainted Ponds

A Wyoming worker found himself jobless after spending years rescuing waterfowl from oily waters.

WyoFile reports:

“Dominion Energy fired an oilfield worker in Rock Springs after the employee saved an estimated 50 waterfowl from wastewater ponds.

Adam Roich said he’s rescued about that many waterfowl in the last five years after they landed in tainted ponds at his worksite about 50 miles south of Rock Springs. He would take the oil-slicked birds to a company facility, wash them with Dawn household soap, warm them in his truck, then set them free on clean water, he told WyoFile in an interview.

‘I got fired a couple days before Christmas for rescuing these guys throughout the years,’ he posted recently on Facebook above many photographs of his avian patients. ‘I only did what I thought was right.’

Dominion terminated Roich on Dec. 19 for violating company policy, according to a letter obtained by WyoFile. His firing followed an internal investigation, the seven-sentence letter read.

Dominion wouldn’t say why it fired Roich, calling the issue ‘an internal matter.’

‘[T]he company has fully complied with the applicable laws and company policies with respect to the individual,’ Dominion’s Don Porter, media relations manager, wrote WyoFile. ‘[W]e abide by federal regulations which direct us to notify the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service only in the event of a bird fatality.’

Roich described a sad scene at the water’s edge: ‘They’d get oil on their feathers,” he said. “They’d just go to the bank and sit there. They’d freeze to death if I didn’t grab them.'”

For the rest of the story, visit WyoFile here.

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