By Linda Dao

Looking for a holiday recipe that is a fun activity for the whole family? Our easy gingerbread house recipe is a classic. The best part of this recipe is that you can use it as holiday decor around the house as well as satisfy your sweet tooth!

By Michael Messina

It’s the final push for holiday gift shopping and Labor 411 founder and publisher Cherri Senders reminds us to try to buy U.S.A.-made and union-made gifts when possible. Patriot-Made has done a series of podcast with Senders on why spending even as little as 10 percent of your budget on products made by companies that pay and treat their workers fairly can really give the country a much-needed boost.

By Michael Messina The History Channel takes a look at how children were exploited as cheap laborers in often harsh conditions. Without labor laws, these children were underpaid, uneducated and were forced to endure dangerous jobs on a daily basis. As the video portrays, the people began to literally fight back with bold strikes that…

Holiday Gift Guide, Part 3 – Stocking Stuffers Stockings hung by the chimney with care … but what union-made goodies to fill them with? That’s the question Santa should be asking this year. Labor 411 has a great selection of stuffers, and if they don’t all fit, maybe it’s time for a bigger stocking! See…

If Americans spend just $64 on American-made gifts this year, it would create 200,000 new jobs in this country. Labor 411 is here to help make that a reality. Our Holiday Gift Guide has only the highest quality, union-made products. Look for our Stocking Stuffer Guide in our next enewsletter. Sign up here.
As always, look for the Made in the USA stamp.

By Michael Messina

Should a woman be forced to choose between a paycheck and a pregnancy? Peggy Young is saying no. Young, an employee for UPS, was forced to go on unpaid leave after her doctor told her she couldn’t do any heaving lifting while pregnant. UPS didn’t have any light-duty work for her and so she was out of luck, and out of a paycheck.

Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2 – Hanukkah It’s tradition to give the dreidel a few spins this time of year, but if you’re in the mood for more great games, we’ve got plenty of American classics. Also, there’s oil to keep the cook busy, and with eight nights of gifts, we’ve got the list to…