Putting My Values to the Test – My Dog Dexter is Not a Serial Killer


There’s serial killer on TV who happens to be named after my dog Dexter. As many of you know, my dog Dexter is a 100 percent union dog because we adopted him from the West Valley Animal Shelter, a city run facility with union employees.

Let me be clear, Dexter is not a serial killer nor does he play one in our household. Yes, he has put a big hole in our dog food budget (thankfully I can buy union-made dog food!), but he’s really just a loveable lug. Recently, though, we’ve been having problems with Dexter – he keeps throwing up in the house. We think it’s because he’s eating too much junk. He has a bad habit of finding weird stuff on the street when we take him on walks and gobbling it down before we can stop him. I’ve scheduled a check-up with the vet next week and, no, it won’t be a unionized veterinarian. Sorry, no such thing (yet!), so, I’ll have to take a pass on the Buy Union! challenge on this particular issue.

Anyhow, for whatever the reason he’s been throwing up in the house these last few days and we’ve had to clean up after him quite a bit. Out of our list of union-made products I can use for cleaning I’ve bought multiple Clorox products (UFCW made!) that do a great job cleaning, but the bleach smell is just too intense for some of my family members, particularly in the kitchen when people want to eat. So I did some research and found this great product by Clorox (also union-made!) that’s a natural all-purpose cleaner.
Unfortunately, the nearest union-staffed store that sold it was all the way in Santa Clarita at a Stater Brothers. So, I had to put up with the bleach smell for a week until, luckily, my husband ended up having a business meeting near Santa Clarita.

I asked him to stop by and pick me up a bottle. He wasn’t all too happy about it, but being the sweetie that he is, he went out of his way to pick me up not one, but two bottles. (Who knows when we’ll be in Santa Clarita next? Thanks, honey!) I tried it out and it worked great and has a very pleasant, natural tangerine smell. I think it’s great that we can find solutions to age-old problems (like cleaning up dog vomit) that are less harmful to the environment. Just like buying union makes me feel good because I know I’m helping out a fellow union member by doing so, buying more natural products also make me good because I know that I’m helping the environment rather than hurting it. It’s a little strange how emotions drive our buying decisions, but that’s a big part of it. I just feel better buying—and using—a product and knowing that it brings good to the world, rather than hurts the person who made it or the world that it’s used in.

On a related positive note, many unions (including the AFL-CIO) are getting on-board with the Green movement. Some might argue that it’s about time, but in any case momentum seems to have broke towards buying, building and creating Green. It’s the future, and I think it’s a positive future that’s healthier for our kids and where we have to worry less about buying dirty energy sources from countries that hate us—which is just fine by me.

So, to wrap up:

  1. My dog Dexter is not a serial killer.
  2. I’m taking him to the vet next week. Updates to follow.
  3. Two big thumbs up from union comsumerista Cherri Senders for Clorox’s union-made Green Works tangerine cleaner.
  4. Green is the future and unions are a big part of making this happen — which is good for everyone.
  5. Pet food coupons for union-made products are keeping a cap on our budget.

Until my next post, Union Consumerista Cherri Senders signing out!

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