Republican Anti-union Law Backfiring, Leading to Teacher Union Growth

By Sahid Fawaz

One of the worst laws we’ve seen recently is actually growing the union membership in Florida.

The Ledger reports:

“A move by the Republican-led Legislature that could weaken the Democratic-allied state teachers unions is showing signs of having the opposite effect as an epic election-year unfolds in Florida.

A provision tucked into a sweeping education proposal recently signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott requires local unions to have a majority of a county’s eligible teachers as dues-paying members, or face possible decertification as a collective bargaining unit.

While the new law appears threatening, the Florida Education Association said it’s turning into a rallying point for recruiting in a union that already has added 3,200 members statewide in the past nine months.

‘We saw this coming and know it’s driven by politics, plain and simple,’ said FEA President Joanne McCall, whose 140,000-member union is the largest labor organization in the Southeast and traditionally a major contributor to Democratic candidates and the Florida Democratic Party.

Losing local unions to decertification could undermine some of this cash flow, while the new law also will force unions to spend more time and money on recruiting and union elections.

‘But it’s going to help us,’ she said. ‘So I say to the Republican Legislature, thank you, very much.'”

For the rest of the article, visit The Ledger.

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