“Right to Work” Measure Defeated a Second Time

By Sahid Fawaz

Delaware Online reports:

“A last-ditch effort to pass a right-to-work law for Sussex County stalled in the General Assembly on Wednesday.

Following an hour-long hearing, Rep. Ronald Gray, R-Selbyville, could not get the six votes he needed to move the measure out of committee. Opponents, meanwhile, were unable to muster the same number of votes to table the legislation.

Gray said he has no plans to amend the bill in the hopes of breaking the deadlock, a decision that essentially killed the legislation.

‘It’s been voted down,’ he said afterward. ‘I’m going to try to find another angle to promote jobs in Sussex County.’

The bill’s failure marked the second defeat of a proposed right-to-work law in Delaware this month.

Sussex County Council shot down an ordinance on Jan. 9 that would have made it illegal for businesses anywhere in the county to operate a so-called “closed shop” – a workplace where employees are required to join or pay fees to a union as a condition of employment.

House Bill 266 attempted to take a different approach to achieve a similar end.

Introduced last year, the legislation would have allowed Sussex County government and towns in Delaware’s southern county to create limited right-to-work zones.

If passed by the General Assembly, the bill also would have sidestepped the legal provisions that sank County Councilman Rob Arlett’s attempt at a countywide ordinance.

Sussex County Council voted 4-1 to defeat that measure citing legal opinions from Delaware Attorney General’s Office and their own county attorney that only the state Legislature is empowered to enact laws concerning civil relationships like union membership.”

For the rest of the story, check out the full Delaware Online article here.

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